We invite you to invest in yourself. Allow our experienced wellness team to concoct the perfect relaxation designed especially for you, from our extensive menu of services, in the luxurious privacy of your own chalet or in our sea view spa. Choose an invigorating foot massage, to keep you going on the next leg of your adventures. Or lie back and experience a full traditional Malay urut, a deep-tissue massage with fragrant tropical oils, to entrance your mind while relaxing your body. By the time you inhale the exotic ginger tea we provide at the end of every wellness service, we guarantee you will feel nourished, pampered and at peace.

Yoga and Qi Gong

The tranquil surrounds of The Kasturi makes it a perfect place for guests to reconnect with their inner equilibrium. Start the day with guided exercises led by our trained instructors, to bring the mind and body back into alignment. Hatha yoga evolves from gentle stretching to vigorous strengthening – by the end you will be sweaty but serene! Or join the group for tai chi and qi gong, which tap the deep wells of Eastern holistic wisdom, balancing the life force through associating healing breaths with fluid physical sequences. Even with occasional practice, you will see the benefits in your more limber body and calmer sense of purpose.