Cherating Beach has long been a favourite holiday destination, with Club Med to the south and the tidal Pak Siak River to the north. The meanders of the river created the site of the Kasturi Resort on a long spit of land, backed by coastal forest and the river behind. Every effort was made to protect this beautiful natural asset.

The Beach

The golden-sand beach is endlessly fascinating, perfect for early morning or evening low tide walks. The stars are amazing, and it’s a special treat to see a full moon rise above the sea. The East Coast is seldom affected by ‘haze’, and it’s a rare day when there is no sea breeze to make life perfect.

There is no lifeguard on duty, and the sea can be rough, especially during the monsoon, so we advise guests to take care when swimming. Sometimes a game of tag with the waves is enough!

While we don’t have the luxury of a coral reef, an abudance of fish are out there beyond the breakers, and Pantai Chendor draws local fishermen in their small prahu, who can be seen off the beach most mornings casting their nets. The beach is renowned for catching stingray, and our staff can provide you with fishing tackle if you’re a fan!

Further up the beach, on the far side of the river and accessible by car from Jalan Pantai Chendor, is the Rimbun Dahan Turtle Hatchery, where we support the conservation of endangered sea turtles and native terrapins.

The Forest

The Kasturi Resort is couched within a coastal forest. We have tried our best to preserve this delicate ecosystem, including replanting with native coastal forest species; read more about our sustainability efforts here >>

As you wander along our elevated walkway between your villa and the Main Building, take a moment to bathe in the green light of the trees, and to spot forest species like the mangrove blue flycatcher and the tiny gliding lizards.

Some wildlife, like mosquitoes, macaques and wild boar, are controlled, but there are also regular sightings of the shy and engaging dusky leaf monkeys in the trees.

The River

Guests are invited to take our 3-seater or 2-seater inflatable kayaks out for a morning spin on the mangrove-shrouded river, Sungai Pak Siak. Slide past stands of nipah palm and under low-hanging tree branches, and spot the occasional brilliant kingfisher, on this tranquil river.

A highlight is the family of otters that regularly fish the river and bask on its banks, occasionally playing long games of catch with our guard dogs, who might accompany you on your walk.

Guests may spot coastal birds like pied hornbills and giant sea eagles, as well as tiny forest species like our rainbow of sunbirds and the shy blue flycatcher.


Our range of habitats provides homes for a diverse group of native and visiting birds. If you’re a keen twitcher or just a beginner, check out the list of birds you might see during your visit >>