Bring your binoculars! Bird-watching, or birding as it’s known to the experienced practitioner, is a relaxing but challenging hobby that helps you get in touch with our natural world.

With over 600 naturally-occuring species of birds, Malaysia is one of the world’s centres of bird biodiversity, and a hub for keen birders from all over the world. The Kasturi Resort offers a range of different habitats supporting diverse bird life — including beach, mangrove river, coastal forest, resort-side garden and grass fields — all within a short fifteen-minute walk.

We invite you to use the citizen-science mobile application e-Bird during your birding adventures, and please let us know if you see something new!


Common Malaysian Garden Birds

You can see them anywhere in Malaysia, but they’re still a joy:

Zebra Dove, Geopelia striata
Pacific Swift, Apus pacificus
Pied Triller, Lalage nigra
Black-naped Oriole, Oriolus chinensis
Common Iora, Aegithina tiphia
House Crow, Corvus splendens
Common Tailorbird, Orthotomus sutorius
Yellow-vented Bulbul, Pycnonotus goiavier
Asian Glossy Starling, Aplonis panayensis
Common Myna, Acridotheres tristis
Oriental Magpie-Robin, Copsychus saularis
Olive-backed Sunbird, Cinnyris jugularis

Birds of the Forest Fringe

Many of these are fruit-eating birds, visiting only when their favourite dinner is available:

Pink-necked Green-Pigeon, Treron vernans
Chestnut-bellied Malkoha, Phaenicophaeus sumatranus
Oriental Pied-Hornbill, Anthracoceros albirostris
Coppersmith Barbet, Psilopogon haemacephalus
Lineated Barbet, Psilopogon lineatus
Buff-necked Woodpecker, Meiglyptes tukki
Malaysian Pied-Fantail, Rhipidura javanica
Ashy Tailorbird, Orthotomus ruficeps
Black-headed Bulbul, Brachypodius atriceps
Stripe-throated Bulbul, Pycnonotus finlaysoni
Olive-winged Bulbul, Pycnonotus plumosus
Red-eyed Bulbul, Pycnonotus brunneus

In the Grasses

Javan Munia, Lonchura leucogastroides
Scaly-breasted Munia, Lonchura punctulata
Eurasian Tree Sparrow, Passer montanus
Paddyfield Pipit, Anthus rufulus

Mangrove Birds

You might need to take a kayak down the river to spot:

Common Sandpiper, Actitis hypoleucos
Stork-billed Kingfisher, Pelargopsis capensis
Collared Kingfisher, Todiramphus chloris
Mangrove Blue Flycatcher, Cyornis rufigastra

Glorious Flower-Lovers

What’s that flash of colour in the foliage?

Scarlet-breasted Flowerpecker, Prionochilus thoracicus
Orange-bellied Flowerpecker, Dicaeum trigonostigma
Scarlet-backed Flowerpecker, Dicaeum cruentatum
Brown-throated Sunbird, Anthreptes malacensis
Copper-throated Sunbird, Leptocoma calcostetha
Crimson Sunbird, Aethopyga siparaja

Visitors from Afar

Special guests who visit our shores only during the northern winter:

Blue-throated Bee-eater, Merops viridis
Ashy Minivet, Pericrocotus divaricatus

Top Predators

They’re not above taking a baby sea turtle or two:

Crested Serpent-Eagle, Spilornis cheela
Brahminy Kite, Haliastur indus
White-bellied Sea-Eagle, Haliaeetus leucogaster

If You’re Very, Very Lucky

Seen only once, from the elevated walkway near the entrance, hunting for lizards in our forest:

Banded Kingfisher, Lacedo pulchella


Birding Resources for Visitors

For new birders, an online photo and audio reference to common Malaysian garden birds:

MyGardenBirdWatch Bird ID, published by Malaysian Nature Society

Our favourite comprehensive field guide for this area:

A Field Guide to the Birds of West Malaysia and Singapore, by Allen Jeyarajasingam and Alan Pearson, published by Oxford University Press.

If you’re birding elsewhere in Southeast Asia:

  • Birds of Southeast Asia, by Craig Robson, published by Princeton University Press / Bloomsbury Helm Field Guides
  • A Field Guide to the Birds of Southeast Asia, by Ben King, Martin Woodcock and E.C. Dickinson, published by Collins, but out of print