Shelagh MacFarlane, B.S., MSc

MD coach/trainer

SMM Inspired Communication Sdn Bhd

Shelagh who is Canadian, and living in Malaysia since 1998, is a Licensed counselling Psychologist specializing in Acceptance commitment therapy, Personal development, Mindfulness and Mindfulness based self-compassion.

Over her many years of counselling, training, coaching and facilitating programs in Malaysia and abroad, it has been her passion to encourage and empower others to achieve wellbeing and personal success.

Through Shelaghs’ own personal journey and exploration, she came to realize many years ago how powerful and important making Mindfulness and self-compassion part of her life have been. Mindfulness and self-compassion have enriched her life and guided Shelagh to not only, reach deeper levels self-awareness, develop her resilience, but also igniting her passionate desire to share this with others. For these reasons, she has weaved Mindfulness and self-compassion into her private practice, training and coaching students, and adults in both the public and private sectors.