Bruno Delle Rose

Personal Trainer Fitness – Nutrition

Working with Bruno during the retreat offers you an opportunity to reconnect your mind and your body with exercises that combine body movement, mental focus, and controlled breathing to improve strength, balance, flexibility, and overall health. A gentle mix of Yoga, and Pilates to wake your body up and to prepare it for the retreat. Pilates offers plenty of benefits to your body, no matter your fitness background.

You’ll improve your posture, focus on bodily alignment, and get a deep core workout. A special class will teach you how to loosen up your muscles and how to improve flexibility, posture, and range of motion by combining active stretching and self-massage using tennis ball as a self-massage ball. Releasing the built-up tension in your muscles leaves you feeling relaxed and allows your body to move more naturally. Benefits of self- massage with a ball are: Increased range of motion, decreased soreness and fatigue after exercise and improved muscle performance.

You will be given the opportunity to rediscover the importance of releasing the tensions trough a full body gentle stretch using movements that flow smoothly to increase flexibility, decrease muscle tension, develop core strength, and improve muscular balance. And last but not least, this will be followed by a gentle work on breathing and on the importance to do it correctly.